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Our Therapy Dog teams are thoroughly trained and evaluated for proper temperaments. All of the dogs have passed the AKC Good Citizen Test and have had additional evaluation for temperament and demeanor by an evaluator with years of experience training and working with dogs.

In order to provide a safe and fun experience for all concerned, K9 Buddies goes a few steps further than most other organizations.

1) We also train and certify the handlers, not just the dogs. A great dog, in the hands of an inexperienced handler, can create an unsafe situation. Handlers are evaluated not only on their ability to control the dog at all times but also the ability to recognize any situation that could cause a problem and to be proactive in preventing the development of a problem.

2) Handlers are required to attend a mandatory seminar devoted to understanding a dog's body language, safety issues, and possible scenarios they may encounter.

3) The team must successfully complete two test visits to actual facilities where they are evaluated for their performance "under fire".

4) The dogs are all current on rabies vaccinations and we keep a record of their proof of vaccination and Canine Good Citizen Award. Upon request, we are happy to provide a copy of these documents.

We can work with medical personnel to fulfill their requirements for formal rehabilitation and treatment programs. We have trainers available to work with the handlers and dogs to achieve the desired result.

We visit assisted living facilities in all levels of care, prisons and medical facilities within prisons, hospitals, and schools. K9B teams participate in many types of reading programs.

We can also provide speakers, with or without a demo dog(s), to present safety seminars regarding children and dogs, training tips, and responsible dog ownership.
Please note:

All handlers are covered by a K9B umbrella liability policy but this does not protect your facility and the insurance carrier will not issue a certificate listing your facility as a named insured. This is true for any and all therapy dog organizations. Your own liability insurance would protect you and your facility.
If you would like to have a K9B team(s) visit your facility, or would like additional information, please contact us by clicking on the link below:
The late K-9 Aspen, who suffered blindness due to the abuse of her former owners spent her last days as a therapy dog, helping humans... ironic.
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